martes, 18 de enero de 2011


Hi sweeties, how are you doing?

I´m ok I guess.
I fasted for 4 days and broke the fast last night with a binge, I´m so smart it scares me....
Today I ate waaay too much. 2 cheese sandwiches, a yogurt and some cereals.
I have to go to the gym if I don´t want to gain but I don´t feel like going, I want to stay home laying on my bed watching TV. I´m so lazy

I´m so tired of my weight, I want to get in the 50´s and then finally into the 40´s!
When I started the fast I weighted 67,5 kg and today I weight 62,2 kg so that´s something even if it was mostly water weight

I stayed in T´s house on Sunday and we had a lot of fun.
That´s until we watched a movie with a lot of naked girls, not porn, just a movie called Whore and well, we haven´t had sex in like 3 months so we where pretty horny haha. She kissed me and I started crying...I miss her so much, you have no idea =(
I´m very temted to get back together with her but I know she isn´t right for me so I have to fight and to not follow my impulses.

I´ll leave you some pics =)

God, I miss my bones


EDIT: I went to the gym but I´ve just binged. I hate myself so much.........

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

New diet pills yaay

I´ve gained 2 kg but I don´t want that letting me down now.

I just got new diet pills, today it´s my first day taking them and I haven´t been hungry all day. I think this pill may stop my binges(oh please please)
I took them sometime ago and they didn´t work but I switched brands so I´m really hopefull =)

Next week I go back to the gym! I´ll work my butt off, I swear!

My mom comes back on Saturday...I miss her but I absolutly love having the house to myself!
I had 2 amazing days with a friend of mine, we were high all day long and danced and talked, it was so much fun!

How are you doing girls???


lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Failing, like always

I haven´t posted because I was really ashamed. The day I said I was starting the ABC diet I binged big time and yesterday too and the day before too...
I gained, lost and gained so I´m at the same weight as last week, wich is really depressing...

I´m buying a new diet pill cause I´m sick of yo-yoing and the binges. I need to lose weight, it´s driving me crazy!
I´m out of weed so I need to buy that too...

How are you guys doing? Is the new year treating you ok?

EDIT: I binged again, what the hell is wrong with me?????

lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Starting ABC today

I lost weight and then gained it back, this stops now. With a lot of shame I confess that I weight 65.5 kg...I´m a beach whale.

I have the house alone for 2 weeks and I plan on exercising and following the ABC diet. I started it far 379 cal, and I think I won´t eat anything else. I´m really triggeres and I want to binge but I won´t allow that to happen.
This time I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT!(I know how many times I´ve said the same thing but today I´m feeling positive about losing the dawn weight).
If anyone wants to join me in the ABC Diet, please tell me =)

I´m drinking diuretic tea because I don´t know when my mom hid the real diuretics and I´m so bloaded it´s scary :S

This past few day I ´ve been binging but this won´t happen today, I already took my sleeping pills so I don´t do it.

Did you have a good new year? On new year´s eve I went to my uncle´s and then I went to hang out with some friends, I gor really bored in both places xD

Sorry my last post was so depressing! And thank you for cheering me up with your comments =)

I´ll post my Intake and weight every day, so I have more motivation to don´t binge.

Snack(afternoon)- aplle(150 cal), jello (72 cal), cereals(70 cal)
Dinner: Carrot(57 cal), chesse(30 cal)
Total: 379 cal

Weight: 65,5 kg(grooooose)