jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

New diet pills yaay

I´ve gained 2 kg but I don´t want that letting me down now.

I just got new diet pills, today it´s my first day taking them and I haven´t been hungry all day. I think this pill may stop my binges(oh please please)
I took them sometime ago and they didn´t work but I switched brands so I´m really hopefull =)

Next week I go back to the gym! I´ll work my butt off, I swear!

My mom comes back on Saturday...I miss her but I absolutly love having the house to myself!
I had 2 amazing days with a friend of mine, we were high all day long and danced and talked, it was so much fun!

How are you doing girls???


6 comentarios:

  1. Oooh, what brand are you taking? I'd like to take diet pills sometimes, but I never have.

  2. i hope they work for you!! being high is the best<3

  3. I've always wanted to take diet pills. I hope they work for you! =)

  4. Love the first picture. Maybe by the time my hair's that long again, I'll be that thin. :)

    I'm glad you've had good days. That's the thing about family I think, you love them, but sometimes it's nice to not have them so close.

  5. That sounds like fun having the house to you self. What diet pill did you get btw, I'm curious. I've never tried any of them, and I out right can't because everyone is very nosey.

  6. Hope the diet pills work out for you. I just ordered some from Canada; I'm pretty excited. They're illegal in the US, so I presume that means they actually work.