jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010


Hi darlings! How are you today?

I´m feeling really positive, just went back from the gym, only burned 400 cals but I have a dance class at night so I´ll burn some more =)

Yesterday was my brother´s birthday(he´s 18 now) and it was a great day. I spent all day baking cupcakes that everyone seemed to really like(I didn´t taste them) and cleaning the house. I only had a glass of bubbly wine at night and nothing else for the day(I shouldn´t have but that wine is sooo yummy)
The bad part is that my fridge is full of pizza, empanadas(I think you call then turnovers, not sure, cakes and capecakes. Luckily I´m not triggered at all, I hope it stayss that way cause I can´t allow myself to binge.

Today I had a yogurt(68 cal) and then if I get hungry I´ll have an apple and a Coke Zero.
Ín a while I´ll go to hung out with T and I hope we walk a lot xD I have to get new headphones and a couple of things for my brother´s party on Saturday(I decided that on that day I´ll fast all day and then I´ll have only 1 drink of vodka with low cal juice)

We can do it!

Now I know why my mood changed so many times a day this past week and why I was so depressed...I got my period. That makes me feel fat, it´s ridiculous, I know haha
The period must be also why I reteined SO much water, I mean I had gained 6kg in like 3 days, it made me insane!!(even more xD)
I dropped 5 of those kg, so 1 left to go and I promisse myself I´ll NEVER see the nunber 60 again!!!

I feel like life is worth living today, like I want to notice all the little beautiful things life has to offer, I hope this mood last more than 5 minutes haha

I really want to thank you all for your support, it means the world to me, makes me feel like someone cares even a little, so thank you! I hope I can return that support and make you feel better when you´re down =)

Anything you need, you know


PS: I´ve decided I´m not eating eggs anymore, they gross me out. One step closer to being vegan =)

I forgot something really funny about yesterday...my grandma said she hadn´t eaten for 2 days, I said she needed to eat every day and she said "Thin people don´t eat" haha you got that right!(I wonder why I have an ED...Haha)

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  1. Ugh I hate periods too they make you feel so fat and horrible and down but you are so not ! Glad you had fun at the party and congrats on resisting all that food in the fridge =) Hope you have a nice time on Saturday and just enhoy yourself, I know what you mean about appreciating the little things =) Also, love the pictures the little snow heart is so cute, stoled lol xxxx

  2. I hope your good mood lasts too! Keep up the endorphins:)) And go you for trying to be vegan. Lemme know how it goes

  3. I love the "I CAN DO IT" picture. It made me smile, it is so positive!!
    I am also very happy for your great mood. I hope it lasts forever and longer :)
    I hate periods.
    What your grandma said was funny. Especially because she's a grandma, you know.

    ~ Meg

  4. I'm so so glad to hear you're feeling better things. Those pictures are great.

  5. I'm so proud of you for over coming those horrible thoughts you were having :) Your so strong, be proud of yourself too xxx

  6. It's wonderful that you're doing well. Seems like things are getting better for the both of us.

    Keep it up! :)

  7. Haha your grandma sounds hilarious! XD

    Hope your good mood lasts. Life IS worth living, just for all the beautiful things. <3