jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Whatever it takes

Well, yesterday was a pretty bad day food wise, I didn´t eat all day and then I have 2 massive binges wich I purged.
I stayed up all night talking to T and drinking diuretic tea and at 7,30am I went to the gym and burned 500 calories =)

I slept 2 hours when I got back from the gym, I´m so tired right now. But surprisingly I dropped 1.4 kg so yaaaaay!

I think I´m fasting till Sunday when I meet with my friends at Starbucks, I´m dying for a light frapuccino(90 cal)!

Too tired to write something deep so I´ll post some before and after pics! If I post any of you please tell me and I´ll remove them.

Your comments make my day, they really do.
I hope you´re having a lovely day!

Yes, I love befores and afters, they give me hope. I´ll do whatever it takes to be skinny!!! Sorry if I sound like a wannabe(I´m not, God forvide) but I love this pics!

4 comentarios:

  1. Oh I've had those kind of days myself.

    And I too love before and after pictures. Nothing wrong with it. :)

  2. Great job on the 1.4 <3
    Love the before and after pics. They are most definitely my favorite. Mostly because they show that if someone can actually loose that weight then we can too, you know. ?

    Stay strong <3

  3. Sorry for the binges, but congratz on losing 1.4 kg! (:
    Great Thinspo btw (:!

  4. You're always welcome to use my before and after pictures. :) I'm not at goal yet, but I have lost 30 + lbs so far.