miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

+ 5 kg

I want to do that so bad

I´ve gained 5 kg, that´s like more than 10 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! In 5 days!!!
I can´t believe how fat I am, I really can´t....I should be killed for weighting this much and for gaining this much!

I can´t go out of my house like this, I really can´t. I´ll probably spend New year´s eve at home, alone....
I´m such a failure, I´m worthless...I want to cut so bad...

I hope you are all better than me, thanks for the comments and for the new followers =)

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  2. Don't cut sweetie :( It's not worth it! Banish those thought! Christmas has just gone, cut yourself a bit of slack :) We have all gained, but starting for the new year we can lose it all!! Keep thinking that xxx

  3. I gained too. We can get it back. Keep your chin up and keep working on it. Staying in the house won't help you loose. Get some fresh air and go for a run. Be positive. Banish thoughts of cutting. Just keep going. Happy new year lovely xx

  4. Don't be so cruel for youself. Weight is changing all the time but gaining few pounds don't mean that you're a failure! Think positively and I nknow you'll be succeed.

  5. I love the picture with the graffiti all over the lady, so effective. Dont be so bad on yourself hun, much love and thinking of you xx