martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010


(If only Santa was real and he made me lose 15 kg in a day...)

It´s been a continued Epic Fail since I last posted, I´m a mess(actually I´m a fatass but oh well). Binging non stop, eating like I hadn´t seen food in a decade...
Of course my weight is uuuup, I gained a tone, really.
Yesterday night I took some diuretics and laxatives but the laxatives didn´t worked yet(I pray they do, I took 5)

I need to stop binging, I will stop. God, I wish Xmas just dissapeared...not looking foward to seeing anyone and to have a family binge...I´m not even near the goal I had for that day, I´m like 7 kg fatter jtrurtrtjujtujjyu5fwete
Today only carrots and apples alowed and I´ll stick to that until xmas, maybe I´ll lose some of this weight...

I´m in the mood for taking sleeping pills all day and sleep for the next few days, I don´t want to see anyone or do anything but I HAVE to go to the gym...God, I wish I was thin...

Don´t have a lot to say today but I just wanted to update and thank you for your lovely comments =) Sorry I haven´t commented on all of your blogs, I´ll get to it.


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  1. I'm not looking foward to xmas's a load of binge sessions >=[ hate it!!!! Don't worry too much, i've been binging like an absoulute pig :( Your still beautiful xxx

  2. I've been telling myself I was going to eat nothing but liquids the next couple of days... that didn't work out. :/

    Holidays are so stressing. Nothing much chocolates and sweets are advertised, sent as gifts, etc.

  3. Why do laxatives decide to just not work sometimes?!?!
    it confuses the living hell out of me...

    And when you find this santa that takes away 15kg... please give him my number :)

    I'm kind of looking forward to all the christmas food... lol not eating it, but the challenge it comes with. How great would it feel waking up on Monday and weighing less? that's my goal :D

    Goooood luck!

  4. Weight loss Santa = best idea ever. Why is he not real? You're lovely and I know you'll be okay.

  5. don't be so hard on yourself babe. I hate to see you so down. Holidays bring out the worst in all of us. I don't know what awful person thought that food and family was a good idea to celebrate. Christmas presents are a way of simplifying human desires into something that can be tied with a bow and placed under the christmas tree. Stay strong and take heart in the fact that we are here for you. Love you xoxoxo

  6. That Winnie the Pooh picture made me laugh so hard! Especially at Christopher Robin being schizophrenic...

    Hang in there, sweetie!! The holidays binges suck, but we'll do better once the holidays have passed. <3